My name is Rich Stein and I have accepted the challenge to run 167 miles in 6 days – from Ohio to Pennsylvania in America’s First and Only Cross-Country Relay Run. As part of a team of 19 runners, we need the support of our friends and community to support the mission of our effort, to raise funds for MS Research and to support those living with disability through Financial Aid.

My story. I am running with MS. In March of 2012, I woke up blind in my right eye for no apparent reason. I spent the better part of that week in a hospital undergoing multiple tests and steroid infusions. I left the hospital facing a 30-minute drive home with only the vision of my left eye. That, and a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, a disease of which I was completely unaware until just then. I had no idea what having multiple sclerosis would mean for the rest of my life. Fast forward eight years, and a whole lot of learning, I now know I can do things greatly living with MS. Due to multiple knee surgeries, my competitive basketball and volleyball days were done. But now I was able to feed the hunger to push my body to its limits by running. I decided I would run an ultramarathon in 2021. Fast Forward two years I have decided to do it all again!

Our story. MS Run the US is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support multiple sclerosis (MS) research, and to aid those living with disability due to MS. The Ultra-Relay Run is an annual event that selects 19 runners to each run 160-miles over 6 days; city by city, state by state across America. Each runner’s segment is coordinated back-to-back with their teammates to cover the 3,260-miles in 4.5 months. We are a team Running Farther To Serve Others. 

The Challenge. I’ve accepted the challenge to run 167 miles in 6 consecutive days and I have a bigger challenge for you. I set a fundraising goal of $10,000 for MS research and a cure and want to make a difference. Click this Donation Link to be a part of my MS Run the US team. 

Please help me reach my fundraising goal of $10,000 by making a donation on the link below.