Running Greatly With MS LLC

Running Greatly Mission

I have learned over the years as a coach that every athlete is different and that there is no one size fits all approach to training. The mission of Running Greatly is to create an individual training experience designed specifically to help each client chase their running/volleyball goals.

I will monitor your progress and make any adjustments needed to the training plan. We will work together to create plans for race day (crew, pacing, nutrition).

I still coach volleyball as well! The majority of this happens as a club volleyball coach, but I am also available for group training or private lessons as well.

Latest from the Blog

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    In January of 2021 I celebrated making it a full year without alcohol. In April of this year I celebrated 1 full year of being vegan. Becoming a plant-based athlete was not something that I set out to do when I gave up alcohol over two years ago it just kind of happened. It hasContinue reading “1 Year Plant-based”
  • Concussions and Trail Runs
    The forecast for the day was in the mid 80s but I sat there my entire body shaking as the adrenaline high I had been on the past three hours started to dissipate. With my head in my hands and elbows resting on my knees I looked down at racing bib 325 as the bridgeContinue reading “Concussions and Trail Runs”
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    The day after my segment of the relay ended I woke up thinking ….Okay….now what? I had spent the entire year training and thinking about running from Ohio to Pennsylvania and now it was over. I got back home and started running more with the San Angelo Road Lizards. We ran trails, roads, and justContinue reading “Chasing 100”